Monday, December 21, 2015


In today’s world there is an endless supply of scams, fraud and deceit and you would be foolish to not ask such a question about a program like Homes In Transition

From first glance the HIT program seems to be “Too Good To Be True”, offering a great deal for very little cost! The fact of the matter is – for most of our Homeowners there is NO COST – for Realtors there is NO COST, and for Caretakers, an amazing LOW COST arrangement.  

Since 2009 HIT has been a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company!  A few things you should know and can verify:

  • You can Contact Us and come by our office to see we are real people
  • We have a City of Albuquerque Business License
  • Our Company and Qualifying Broker are registered with the New Mexico Real Estate Commission

Monday, December 7, 2015

What is a Homes In Transition (HIT) Caretaker?

A HIT Caretaker is a highly valued, responsible person or family that provides for the care, maintenance and show condition of the HIT house in which they reside. Caretakers in the HIT program have a wide variety of needs:

  • People looking to reduce their living costs while living in a great house.
  • Those that are dividing their household and need a good safe place to reside.
  • Families moving to the city that need some time to check out the great neighborhoods our cities offer before they buy.
  • Families that have been forced from their house, have great furniture and the understanding of living and managing a house but are on a tight budget.