Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Lists For You To Create In Pursuit Of Your Goals - Part 1


Making lists is a very powerful tool in self improvement.

It helps you keep positive thoughts fresh in your mind - and it creates a resource of positivity that you can visit anytime when you need an extra boost in your life.

For years, I have built a digital folder dedicated to self improvement where I save many different lists that motivate me to grow and improve myself.

I want you to start by creating a "Self Improvement" folder of your own, then create a Word document for each of the following lists and save them there.

5 Self Improvement Lists You Should Create:
1. Positive attributes
Create a list of your "positive attributes" - anything about your personality that you like or others tend to admire in you. For example, "Funny" or "Kind" or "Confident."

2. Past accomplishments
Create a list of your "past accomplishments" - anything in your past that shows you succeeding and achieving your goals. For example, "Getting a perfect score on a big math test" or "Making the all-star team in your sports league."

We will look at lists 3-5 in the next entry.   What lists do you expect to see in that next entry?

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