Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Tip About Selling Your House

When selling your home it’s important to realize that to others, it’s no longer that special place where you raised your family, saw your dreams come true or created lifetime memories.  Once you vacate your home it becomes just another house that buyers consider with no attachment and whose only interest is finding the best house at the best house.  They are interested in the location, price, condition.  They want to know about the foundation, framing, layout, siding, condition of the roof and the amenities your house offers.  They have little regard for the history of your home and therefore will not pay for the “personal value” that often leads all of us towards overpricing our home.  Your house is just like every other vacant house on the market in the eyes of the prospective buyer which is why you must consider all your options to help it compete with all the other houses on the market.


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