Friday, October 9, 2015

Persuading Your Sellers to Consider Homes in Transition

  • Does your seller have adequate enforceable insurance? HIT Caretaker occupied can make the difference.
  • Does your seller want relief from paying the utilities and other holding costs for their property? HIT pays these costs for the seller.
  • Is your seller paying for a staging service that could be provided through the HIT program? HIT Caretakers use their own furniture and our staging experience to get the most marketability for the least possible cost.
  • Is your seller concerned about preserving the value of the property and the neighborhood? HIT’s regular maintenance and property oversight guarantees the same condition of the property will be preserved.
  • Is your seller about ready to drop the price or add and expensive addition like new carpet or paint? Often a Caretaker can increase traffic and eliminate the attention these areas of need can create in a vacant house. Using the HIT program is a great alternative.
  • Has your seller’s property experienced vandalism, or worse? With a Caretaker in residence the risks of a vacant house are nearly eliminated!
  • Is your seller’s situation getting desperate and closer to foreclosure? The HIT program can mean the difference between taking a hit and financial ruin.
  • Does your sellers house compete it the market with other homeowner occupied houses that sell for higher prices, faster? HIT can transform that COLD vacant listing into a highly competitive SOLD property.
  • HIT’s exclusive Diminishing Fee, if it becomes applicable, is collected AFTER closing, eliminating any up front costs for your seller.

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