Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HIT From 10,000 Feet

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Seller Commitment  - Six months or until sold.

Seller Fees:
·         Diminishing Marketing Fee - $1500 Diminishing Fee that is collected at closing if applicable – fee diminishes by $500 every 30 days Caretaker occupies the Property.  After 90 days of occupancy, fee diminishes to zero!
·         Early Termination Fee -  $39 per day for the remainder of the 6 month commitment should the Owner wish to do something else with the Property.
·         Caretaker Conversion Fee - $750 to convert our Caretaker to Owner’s Tenant.

Owner Expenses:
·         Mortgage Payment
·         Insurance and Taxes
(Through HIT, all utilities and other regularly occurring monthly expenses such as trash pickup, association fees and the like are paid.)

Vacating the Property, Closing: 
·         HIT requires a minimum 30 day written notice to terminate Agreement (for closing).  A simple statement of the closing date from the Owner is sufficient.  We take the closing date and back up 3 days to ensure the house is ready for closing.  We MUST provide Caretaker a 30 day written notice to vacate.  We provide the notice to our Caretaker based on when we RECEIVE the notice from Owner  Sometimes we can make the house available sooner but always plan on at least 30 days.

Homes In Transition Provides:
·         Pre-inspection of the Property and collection of all access devices
·         Advertising of the Property for Occupancy
·         Quality screening of all Caretaker Applicants over the age of 18.
·         Matching of the right people with the right house.
·         Pre-Placement Condition Video of the Property and placement on server for all to see
·         Professional Staging Services of the Caretakers furnishing.
·         Frequent inspection of the Caretakers status to ensure best possible marketability
·         Rapid response to Owner and Realtor concerns
·         Management of the Caretaker, Owner, Realtor relationship throughout selling process
·         Management of all monies, service issues, and contractor coordination for repairs
·         Move-out inspection of the Property prior to closing and return of all access devices

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