Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is Homes In Transition? (Part 2)

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It's no secret, Brokers appreciate showing a house they can sell quickly. Since a house with a breath of life, nice furnishings and proper care will always attract more buyers and better offers than a cold vacant dwelling, guess which one is easier to sell? Not a bad policy if you feed your family from a commission check! Brokers don't like to show rentals because of all the hassle and they would much rather show a HIT Caretaker Occupied house or maybe even a staged house before they showed a vacant house because they know they earn higher and faster commissions when they sell occupied houses. HGTV and many other real estate shows would not be as successful demonstrating the benefits of a fixed up, furnished "model home" approach to selling houses if vacant houses sold better. Brokers sometimes get fixated on their traditional marketing plan and lose sight of adding incredible marketing opportunities like Homes In Transition. It's just not true in this market, that vacant houses sell faster. Vacant houses close faster in "hot" markets because buyers are standing over the property waving cash to get in, and yes, having to move a Caretaker under those circumstances would slow things down for at least 30 days.

As a Custom Home Builder, I would never think of showing my work without the added benefit of furnishings, nice appointments and regular maintenance. Home builders furnish their models not because they have a bunch of furniture in storage, but because it's the time tested best way to market their product! And Homes In Transition is the best way to gain that marketing advantage WITHOUT ANY OF THE COST OR HASSLE.

If your house is sitting vacant with no showings, little interest and your marketing plan needs a breath of life, HIT is the solution.

If you want a great place to live with no long term commitment all for about the cost of a studio apartment, HIT may be the solution.

Whether you are a Property Owner, Broker or prospective Caretaker, we hope you will take some time and see what our company has to offer.

Welcome to Homes In Transition!

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