Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homes In Transition for Property Owners (Part 1)

Selling your house in any market can be a challenging process. If your house is vacant, getting it ready, getting it set and getting it sold can be a real challenge. Homes In Transition (HIT)is a program developed to help you and your Broker sell the house fast and at the best possible price.
If your house is for sale and vacant, you're not doing everything you can to get the highest and best price for what is probably your biggest investment. It's important to realize your house is no longer that special place where you raised your family, saw your dreams come true and created lifetime memories. Your house is just like every other vacant house on the market in the eyes of the prospective buyer which is why you must consider all your options to help it compete with all the other houses on the market.

Selling your vacant house will require a different prospective

To make the best decisions about selling your house, you must view the process as as a business proposition that will require the same decision processes used to sell your car, your boat, or other property.

houseSelling your house in this market will require listening to your Broker's advise. HIT can help your vacant house stand out from the competition. It is a well know fact that a house that is occupied (temperature controlled with a breath of life), nicely furnished and well cared for always sells faster and for more money. It is our goal at Homes In Transition to make that happen for every vacant house we breathe life into.

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