Thursday, February 28, 2013

Homes In Transition for Property Owners (Part 2)

Homes In Transition is a proven program

Homes In Transition offers a proven, comprehensive solution for all the issues related to vacant houses. HIT provides a unique and safe marketing environment for your house while providing asset preservation, security, staging, and greatly reduced operating costs for a fraction of what it costs to keep the property vacant. In fact, if we can't help you sell the property within the first 90 days of our occupancy, the cost for the HIT program is waived! Either way, we can show you how the HIT program will drastically cut your holding costs of your vacant property while we provide the essential breathe of life every vacant house needs. 

Our nearly 30 years of combined experience and nearly 300 houses proves our reliability and dedication to helping get vacant houses SOLD.

Lets face it, times are tough enough without the burden of another vacant house in the neighborhood. HIT can eliminate this burden for you and for your neighbors. HIT's unique arrangement with the Property Owner and Caretaker keeps property values in check because a HIT Caretaker occupied house is more attractive, is better maintained, always available for better showings, feels better, is fully functioning and sells faster, for more money.

No longer does your vacant house scream "make me a low ball offer, I'm desperate". People understand a vacant house is a burden and they believe you will take a lower offer just to free yourself from the weight around your ankle.  When your house is well cared for and HIT is part of the marketing solution, there is no appearance of desperation or burden, thus offers are more reasonable and other Brokers want to show it.

foreclosure noticeIf you're facing foreclosure or worse, selling your house fast, and at the best price will reduce any deficiency judgment and could mean the difference between having your credit dinged and having to file bankruptcy. At this point, your house is not an asset, rather it's a huge liability that, like a weight around your ankle, is dragging you deeper into financial ruin. And even if you lose your house to foreclosure or give it back, you could still be responsible for loses to your mortgage holder. If you can salvage a sale before the house is sold at the court house, it could greatly offset what you might otherwise owe your lender. Homes In Transition can HELP!

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