Friday, July 26, 2013

Benefits for a Realtor Using the HIT Program

HIT's comprehensive marketing and asset preservation service will help you sell your vacant listings faster and at a better price resulting in faster commissions and bigger checks.

HIT will eliminate those dreaded chores of checking on the property and the need to clean up the house before your showing or open house. Our Caretakers are under contract to provide you with a well maintained property seven days a week. Their cheerful accommodation, careful placement of furnishings and daily upkeep of the property will ensure great showings.

Faster sales means your listings will be sold before they expire.

Nearly 75% of the TOP PRODUCERS use HIT to help them sell their vacant listings. 

Great benefit - no cost to you! Huge return on your investment.

The need to manage the details of the property are removed from your plate giving you better showings and more time to focus on selling the property.

HIT provides coordination with our Caretaker for your repairs or inspections. You won't have to meet them if you don't want to.

As a Broker using the HIT service, you and your HIT listings will be featured on our website Home Page.

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