Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why a Realtor Should Refer Their Seller to Homes In Transition

Safety for you and your client's should be your top priority! Showing a house that is vacant can be dangerous since you never know if you might confront an unwelcome guest.

A HIT Caretaker occupied house can provide you and your Seller the best condition and appearance of the property.

A HIT Caretaker occupied house provides peace of mind.

Equipping your marketing toolbox to include the HIT program can provide a no cost way for you to provide an added benefit that will give you a competitive edge and dramatically increase your listing presentation success.
HIT can often make recommendations to your seller that will greatly benefit the marketing of the house
Because of HITs proven success at delivering properties in time for closing and doing what they promise, you can refer the HIT program with confidence.
It's best not to wait till your listing is about to expire to refer the HIT program, but better late, than never.
Marketing materials, pictures and videos are important and costly. Using the HIT program will complement your marketing efforts and guarantee the longevity of your listing and maximize your efforts.
HIT charges the Property Owner a small fee that starts at $1500.00 an DIMINISHES to zero after 90 days of our Caretaker's occupancy. If the house doesn't sell in first 90 days of our Caretaker's occupancy, HIT's service is entirely FREE to the Property Owner until the property sells. We're motivated to help you sell your listing fast because it promotes your referral of more vacant houses!


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