Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why You Should Enroll Your House In Our Caretaker Program

Keeps the property Insurable because it is occupied and not vacant.

Preserves the value of the asset through regular maintenance and oversight of the property.

Cost of the program is minimal and pays for itself after 30 days of Caretaker occupancy. (See program cost below)

Problems get reported in real time rather than being discovered after causing major damage.

A HIT Caretaker Occupied house competes better in the marketplace resulting in better offers and faster sales.

Keeps the property safe and more secure.

Keeps the neighborhood safer and preserves the image of the neighborhood.

Brokers are more willing and able to show a HIT occupied house than a vacant or tenant occupied house.

Use of program may keep the property from going into foreclosure.

Owner can rest easy the property is being protected and free of unwanted visitors.

Provides safe environment for Brokers and their buyers.

Utilities and other regularly occurring property service expenses are paid.

Caretaker occupants are subject to regular and random inspections of their performance and care of the property.


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