Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homes In Transition for Property Owners (Part 3)

Brokers like to show Caretaker Occupied houses

It's no secret, Brokers appreciate showing houses that are safe, comfortable and those that create the least amount of issues for their buyers. Showing Caretaker Occupied houses is easy since they remain on lockbox and our Caretakers accommodate the marketing and selling processes. Brokers don't like showing rentals because tenants are there for the long haul and don't accommodate showings. 

Brokers would much rather show an occupied house or maybe even a staged house before they showed a vacant house because a buyer can see more clearly what they are buying and how it will fit their needs. Buyers appreciate knowing the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems are fully functional - you can't tell in a vacant house! Think about it, there are many popular programs that demonstrate "How To Get Your House Sold". These programs are successful because they help. 

Unfortunately not everyone can do it themselves. That's what Homes In Transition is all about, we can do it for you at little or no cost! Homes In Transition breathes life into vacant houses and we can do the same for yours!

NOW is the best time to act! 

To place your house in the HIT program requires a completed Property enrollment package. While we work to make this requirement an easy online process, the fastest way to get your Property Enrollment Package is to come by your local office or Contact Us

You can request a Property Enrollment Package by sending us an email request to Info@HomesInTransition.com. Please include your phone number, and property address.

Homes In Transition really is the solution to help you sell your vacant house. 


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  1. Good One! I especially appreciate that buyers can see the house's systems are fully functional when a Caretaker is in residence, vs. wondering with a vacant house!