Friday, March 8, 2013

Homes In Transition for Property Owners (Part 4)

Homes In Transition really is the solution to help you sell your vacant house.

Still not convinced?
  • Did you know. . .The vast majority of homeowner insurance policies become void or greatly reduce coverage if your house is vacant for more than 14 days in most cases. in fact, the vast majority of Insurance Underwriting Guidelines DO NOT permit agents to submit applications for coverage on vacant, unoccupied property, or for property that is up for sale
  • Did you know. . . In 2011 HIT Caretaker Occupied Houses averaged a 49% faster sale with 23% more money at closing? These are not numbers we created on one or two houses. This was based on the sale of over 65 houses from our program year to date.
  • Did you know. . . Because the average property is losing 1% of its value per month in addition to the cost to maintain utilities, upkeep and provide the same level of security, marketability and insurability HIT can provide, there is no better time to sell your house than TODAY!
  • Did you know. . .That after the average maintenance and repair costs, the net return on a rental house in our current market, declining on average 1% per month, is nearly break even or worse while putting your biggest investment at risk.
  • Did you know . . . HIT has an A+ BBB rating which continues to exceed any property management company in the area.
  • Did you know. . . your broker is more interested in selling your house for which they earn a commission than managing the many issues your vacant property creates for which they earn NO COMMISION. You hired the best to sell your house, not manage it while it sits vacant. Placing your vacant house in the HIT program is the only way to be sure it will receive a breath of life while on the market for sale.
  • Did you know there is a big difference between renting, staging and having your vacant house HIT Caretaker Occupied. We'll be happy to show you the difference and let you be the judge. Simply call our office and ask for the HIT Caretaker Comparison.

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  1. Fantastic job, Tom. I really like that you were able to incorporate the video as well!