Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Owner Frequently Asked Questions of Homes In Transition (Part1)

What is the Homes In Transition Program?
Homes In Transition (HIT) breathes life into vacant houses! HIT offers a unique program matching qualified Caretaker occupants with vacant houses which greatly improves the marketability of the property while preserving both the value of the property and the neighborhood around it. 

Why should I enroll my house in the HIT program?
  • Keeps the property Insurable because it is occupied and not vacant.
  • Preserves the value of the asset through regular maintenance and oversight of the property.
  • Cost of the program is minimal and pays for itself after 30 days of Caretaker occupancy. (See program cost below)
  • Problems get reported in real time rather than being discovered after causing major damage.
  • A HIT Caretaker Occupied house competes better in the marketplace resulting in better offers and faster sales.
  • Keeps the property safe and more secure.
  • Keeps the neighborhood safer and preserves the image of the neighborhood.
  • Brokers are more willing and able to show a HIT occupied house than a vacant or tenant occupied house.
  • Use of program may keep the property from going into foreclosure.
  • Owner can rest easy the property is being protected and free of unwanted visitors.
  • Provides safe environment for Brokers and their buyers.
  • Utilities and other regularly occurring property service expenses are paid.
  • Caretaker occupants are subject to regular and random inspections of their performance and care of the property.
Who would be caring for my house?
Caretakers are individuals or families that are carefully placed into our vacant houses where they live until they sell. The Caretaker we would be placing in you or house is pre-qualified through HIT's comprehensive background check process. They are matched to the house based on their needs and the quality and quantity of their approved furnishings. Caretakers are professionals, blue collar workers, single, married, with kids and without and some have pets that we place only with your written approval. Many are referrals from Brokers that need a little time to correct some credit issues before they can buy a house - kind of like an incubator for potential buyers! They are NON smokers, and all must agree to a high level of accommodation for your Brokers selling process and marketing of the house.

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