Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacant Homes - Tips to Cure the Most Costly Problems (Part 1)

You or your client moved into your new home.  The old home is still on the market and the action is slow.  Showings are weeks apart from each other and offers have been made yet.  Without someone monitoring the property on a daily basis, a potential disaster is looming.  That vacant home, vacant rental unit, vacant vacation home or second home are all where damaging problems can easily occur when no one is checking.

Getting a caretaker to live in the home until it sells is the most notable solution to any of these problems.  Homes In Transition is one such provider that services New Mexico.  Having a full time house sitter not only keeps someone in the house to monitor for any potential problems, they will also help sell the home faster and for more money.  Having a house looking like someone lives there, that it is not a vacant shell, turns it into a home in the mind of a buyer.

Next week we will begin to cover 5 problems that can be avoided if you or your client monitors it regularly...or if you use a caretaker service such as Homes In Transition.

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