Friday, May 31, 2013

Inspiring Testimonial From A Happy Home Owner Client

We will miss you and the Homes in Transition team!!  Thanks for all your help in staging the homes we have lived in.  We learned a lot from you and I hope to put it to good use in our next home.

We are excited to hear about the Hitter Bucks.  Jim and I talked about it and would like to redeem the Bucks we have for gas cards.  Aren't we too practical?  It will probably work best to send them to us in Colorado.  What a fantastic benefit for just doing what we needed to do - thank you to Homes in Transition staff!! 

We couldn't find any company in Colorado like yours so we are renting at the going rate.  The real estate markets there are too active and houses don't seem to stay on the market very long per the companies we got in touch with. 

It's been a fun and rewarding experience working together.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Our best to you,

Lorna & Jim

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