Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vacant Homes Are Harder To Sell (Part 1)

The numbers are out there. Occupied homes sell faster and for more money than their vacant brethren. With no distractions for the eye all the little imperfections of the home are magnified. This can be a significant hindrance in all but new construction homes.

A furnished or staged property allows the buyer to envision it as a home instead of just a house. Their imagination will allow them to more easily create the setting they desire given the visual cues already in place.

Curb appeal is another concern for an empty house. If the property is not properly cared for on the outside the setting during a drive by can be enough to turn off all but the most experienced of buyers. With first time home buyers still making up a large portion of all home buyers, that is a risky endeavor.

Next week we will expand on this premise and go into more detail on concerns and solutions.

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