Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vacant Homes Are Harder To Sell (Part 3)

The numbers are out there. Occupied homes sell faster and for more money than their vacant brethren. With no distractions for the eye all the little imperfections of the home are magnified. This can be a significant hindrance in all but new construction homes.

Here is another tip!

Home Staging Can help with the Sale of a Vacant Listing
Having a caretaker is not for everyone, as much as we would like it to be. :)  We understand.  At the very least you should consider hiring a staging company to stage your home with furniture and decor that makes it looked semi-lived in.  You would be surprised at how many buyers have no imagination and are unable to visualize how a home would look once it is lived in.  A fully furnished home will look best, but even minimal furnishings will help any potential buyers visualize a purpose or arrangement of a given room, which will certainly help get closer to the offer you are looking for in less time.

Keep checking in with us next week as we continue our series on selling vacant homes.

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