Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homes In Transition for Caretakers (Part 1)

Welcome to the unique interim housing opportunity provided by Homes In Transition (HIT)

Since 2009 HIT has been a Better Business Buereu A+ rated company!

HIT offers a unique service to help Property Owners sell their vacant houses faster and at a better price. An interesting result of providing this type of service is that it also provides families and individuals the opportunity to live in one of these fine houses for about the cost of a studio apartment!

You are not alone if this raised your eyebrows. Since 1986 the owners and staff of Homes In Transition have been providing individuals the opportunity to live in a great house for a great price almost continuously up to the founding of Homes in Transition in 2009. Homes In Transition is the culmination of over twenty years of combined expertise in helping Property Owners achieve their goals while providing the great interim housing opportunity hundreds before you have enjoyed. 

Often we're asked, "who are these people that move from house to house". The short answer is they are people like you. They come from a wide variety of economic backgrounds, employment sectors and educational levels. Some come from out of town looking for a short term housing situation till they get a lay of the land and can find the right neighborhood or build a house. Some come as a result of a crushing economic situation they have recently encountered, divorce, SAVE MONEYmoney, repair their credit and pay off bills. The reality is, the reasons people come stay with HIT are as numerous as the valued Caretakers who call their HIT house, home. 

We understand there is a lot of fraud and scam in every industry, especially real estate. You will be happy to know that Homes In Transition has provided our interim housing solution for hundreds of Caretakers before you and still maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating! That is better than any property management rental agency in the area. HIT is a member of the local Chamber of Commerace and has local roots.

We will caution you up front however, the program is not for everybody! We perform background checks, we require your accommodation of the selling process (showings, open house and closings), we inspect your house regularly to ensure your compliance and understanding of this unique living situation. But, you get to live in a great house for a fraction of the market rent! Yes, it's true you will have greater responsibility than a typical rental situation, but if you have clean living habits, are a good citizen and have the desire and ability to perform the minor maintenance, HIT offers a great opportunity for your housing needs.

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