Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vacant Homes Are Harder To Sell (Part 4)

The numbers are out there. Occupied homes sell faster and for more money than their vacant brethren. With no distractions for the eye all the little imperfections of the home are magnified. This can be a significant hindrance in all but new construction homes.

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Maintain Curb Appeal at All Costs

After you have vacated your home you need to keep the yard maintained. This may mean doing it yourself if possible or hiring a landscaping and yard service to keep the grassed mowed and the bushes trimmed.  If your home is located where insects and pests are intrusive then you need to be sure the house is sprayed regularly while it is up for sale.  No prospective buyer will want a homes with visible pest problems.  On top of that, insects are attracted to electrical systems and their wiring.  They could potentially cause damage if left unchecked.

Swimming pools present another problem.  On a daily basis they are polluted with debris.  Keeping them clean is a must if you are going to sell your home.  While not so long ago pools were considered an amenity that enhanced a property's value, today they are often seen as an added maintenance expense.  You would hate to lose a buyer that is on the fence about the property because they stepped into the back yard and were greeted by a concrete swamp.

Stay tuned as we continue our series on tips for selling your vacant home.


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