Friday, April 26, 2013

Vacant Homes Are Harder To Sell (Part 5)

The numbers are out there. Occupied homes sell faster and for more money than their vacant brethren. With no distractions for the eye all the little imperfections of the home are magnified. This can be a significant hindrance in all but new construction homes.

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Vacant Homes Create a Psychological Disadvantage

The owner of a home with become more desperate to sell the longer their home stays on the market.  This somewhat explains the discrepancy in price in vacant homes. The prospective buyer and their agent will know this and try to use that to negotiate a lower price, expecially when the house has been sitting empty for quite some time.

It is not always avoidable to put a vacant house on the market. If you do, be sure to take steps to make it look occupied until it sells.  This will maintain the home's condition, lower maintenance costs, especially where insurance is concerned, and insulate the seller against the apparent disadvantage during price negotiations.  All your costs incurred to keep the home looking lived in will be recouped in dollar amount received and speed of sale.

Or just use Homes In Transition and we will keep it occupied until it sells, avoiding all this hassle.

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