Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Caretaker Frequently Asked Questions About Homes In Transition (Part 1)

We review some of the most common questions about the Homes In Transition program that we receive from potential caretakers.  We hope this helps you get a better sense for our service.

What is a Homes In Transition (HIT) Caretaker?

A HIT Caretaker is a highly valued, responsible person or family that provides for the care, maintenance and show condition of the HIT house in which they reside. Caretakers in the HIT program have a wide variety of needs:
  • People looking to reduce their living costs while living in a great house.
  • Those that are dividing their household and need a good safe place to reside.
  • Families moving to the city that need some time to check out the great neighborhoods our cities offer before they buy.
  • Families that have been forced form their house, have great furniture and the understanding of living and managing a house but are on a tight budget.

What is a HIT house?

A HIT house is a vacant house that is on the market for sale. We check out each house before we offer it to our Caretakers to assure its inhabitable but it is offered in “As Is” condition. HIT houses come in a variety of sizes, locations and have a wide variety of amenities.

Question for the Reader:  Have you ever used a caretaker service when selling a home? 

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